Energy and Green Upgrades

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Energy Upgrade California Multifamily

Save money on operating costs, reduce energy use, and improve the quality of your properties with the Energy Upgrade California Multifamily Program. Get the technical assistance you need to make smart energy-efficient improvements—and find rebates, incentives and financing to help pay for them!

Click here to go to the Energy Upgrade California Multifamily Programs website.

The Energy Upgrade California Multifamily web portal also features a Funding Finder that can help you navigate the various other funding sources available in your area.

A Comprehensive Green Building

Energy efficiency is a major part of what makes a building green, but there are other measures that also benefit the environment, occupants, and your bottom line. A fully green building has been designed or upgraded for:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency
  • Resource Conservation
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Community

Most of the green building benefits are not exclusive to new buildings. Existing multifamily properties can be upgraded toward many of these goals. Depending on where your properties are located, there may be programs that offer technical or financial assistance. To learn more about the benefits of green building, visit the non-profit Build It Green.

Earn Recognition and a Marketable Certification


Existing multifamily buildings can earn third-party green building certification through Build It Green’s GreenPoint Rated system. The rating system for existing multifamily buildings recognizes major rehabs as well as partial upgrades.