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What’s New- 2016 Program Recommendations Finalized

o   Multifamily HERCC Recommendations Report – January 2015

o   Multifamily HERCC Combustion Safety Testing Protocols

The report provides consensus-based recommendations for the refinement of Energy Upgrade California Multifamily programs authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission 2013–14 energy efficiency proceeding.  The recommendations are intended for consideration by program administrators and evaluators in the design and implementation of ratepayer incentive programs for the multifamily sector in 2015–16 and beyond. This report also provides insights into multifamily market conditions for low-income housing programs, for emerging programs such as those funded by Cap and Trade revenue and those that will be defined and implemented by the State’s Assembly Bill 758.  The updated Combustion Appliance Safety Testing Protocols are intended for immediate use by programs throughout the state.

Recommendations update stakeholder meetings & comment period throughout Summer-Fall 2014

The MF HERCC is in the process of developing updated recommendations for multifamily programs in 2016 and beyond. Since the original MF HERCC recommendation report was completed in April 2011 as a component of the stimulus funded AB 758 pilots, multifamily energy efficiency upgrade programs throughout California have incorporated and tested aspects of the MF HERCC recommendations and protocols.  Outcomes from the 2012-2014 ratepayer funded Energy Upgrade California Multifamily programs will inform new program design recommendations and updated software, combustion safety and audit protocols.

The MF HERCC convened an in-person meeting on Friday, July 18th in San Diego to discuss updated multifamily program design recommendations for 2016 and beyond in the context of key market activities such as:

o   Energy Upgrade CA Multifamily Programs:  March 20 mid-cycle workshop

o   ESA Program Multifamily Segment Study:  Report (volume 1) & Appendices (volume 2)

o   CPUC authorization of Multifamily finance pilots

o   CA Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program’s updated energy efficiency regulations

o   BPI Multifamily Standard Updates

Materials from that meeting are available here:

Presentation Slides: Click here to download the presentation slides in PDF to follow along during the meeting. There will be no visual webinar component.

Program Matrix:  Click here to download the handout summarizing the EUC MF programs

Financing Program Matrix:  Click here to download the handout on MF financing products



The California Home Energy Retrofit Coordinating Committee (CA HERCC) is convened by EPA

region 9 to develop consensus based energy upgrade program recommendations.  StopWaste.Org chairs the multifamily sub-committee (MF HERCC) and has been working with multifamily stakeholders to develop multifamily energy upgrade program design recommendations and standards.

Recommendation Report

The MF HERCC’s recommendations “ Improving California’s Multifamily Buildings: Opportunities and Recommendations for Green Retrofit & Rehab programs: Findings from the Multifamily Sub-Commmittee of the California Home Energy Retrofit Coordinating Committee” were released on April 11, 2011. Click here to download the final multifamily HERCC recommendations report.

The report summarizes the findings and recommendations made by the multifamily HERCC. A draft report was released on October 7, 2010, and was revised following a public stakeholder meeting on October 8, 2010 and subsequent meetings of the multifamily HERCC and its task groups.

2010 Public Stakeholder Meeting

A public stakeholder meeting was held on October 8th, 2010 in conjunction with the release of the draft recommendations. There were approximately 80 individuals in attendance, and the outcome of the public meeting was a list of topics for further research and refinement to be incorporated into the report.

The agenda and presentations from the public stakeholder meeting are available for download (PDF):

Task Groups

Task groups consisting of MF HERCC members address specific or technical components of the program design recommendations.  The MF HERCC task groups include: Audit Protocols, IT Tools, HERS II Tools, and Weatherization & Low-Income programs coordination.

Audit Protocol Task Group

This task group developed a template for a multifamily audit protocol that can be adopted and modified for universal use in various Multifamily energy upgrade or financing programs. The protocol is consistent with the HERS II program and incorporates Building Performance Institute (BPI) Multifamily Building Analyst protocols. It was developed in collaboration between:

  • Association for Energy Affordability- BPI Multifamily Analyst Course
  • Bay Area Multifamily Loan Fund (Enterprise Community Partners, Low Income Investment Fund, and San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing)
  • California Energy Commission
  • City of Berkeley MEE Multifamily program
  • GreenPoint Rated Existing Home Multifamily program development team
  • SMUD Multifamily Program and Heschong Mahone Group

This protocol is intended to be referenced in utility programs, local government programs, weatherization programs, low-income housing programs and financing programs.

The audit protocol is available for download (PDF):

HERS II Tools Task Group

This task group works on multifamily sector analysis improvements to the HERS II (California Whole-House Home Energy Ratings) software tools.

Information Technology Task Group

The IT task group works on identifying data needs for assessments of multifamily buildings. The goal of the IT task group is to create a streamlined data collection protocol to support Multifamily energy upgrade program reporting, project tracking and a MF financing navigational tool.  Once developed, the Multifamily IT tools will be integrated into the Energy Upgrade California web portal.

Additional details are described in the Request for Proposals for the development of a multifamily tracking system to support projects participating in the Energy Upgrade California Program. The RFP can be found on the StopWaste.Org website.

The IT task group will be holding stakeholder meetings for input to the MF Financing Navigation tool and the Multifamily Tracking system during the spring of 2011.

Weatherization Task Group

This task group is refining recommendations for how weatherization programs and multifamily energy efficiency efforts could be coordinated to maximize the effectiveness of both.

On February 10th 2011, the MF HERCC convened a forum to engage stakeholders in a discussion about this topic. The forum was held at the HUD office in San Francisco, and engaged entities throughout the state in a productive dialog.  The outcome of this forum will be incorporated into the recommendations document.

The presentations and materials from the forum are available for download (PDF):

Panelist Presentations:

Panelist Handouts:

Financing Task Group

A financing-specific full MF HERCC meeting was held on October 23, 2013. Download the presentation slides (PDF)