Affordable Housing Programs

Affordable Housing has led the way in green building. Resources specific to nonprofit developers of affordable housing are available to help fund green rehabs.

Bay Area Multifamily Retrofit Loan Fund – offered by Enterprise Community Partners, Low Income Investment Fund, and San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing, is a low interest, preferentially termed loan product.

California Debt Limit Allocation Committee – list of utility energy efficiency and solar incentive programs available to affordable housing.

Local Initiative Support Corporation – supports initiatives that promote sustainable communities.

National Housing Trust – works on “preserving and improving” affordable housing to ensure that privately owned rental housing remains in affordable housing stock and is sustainable over time.

Tax Credit Allocation Committee – new funding criteria that encourage green building in affordable housing.

U.S. Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD)  – Green Retrofit Program and green property needs assessment (Green PNA).

Networks and Tools

California Housing Partnership Coalition’s Green Rental Home Energy Efficiency Network (GREEN) is an alliance of nonprofit organizations dedicated to sustainability in California’s affordable rental homes.

Enterprise Green Communities – hosts standards for building green affordable housing. Their Green Affordable Housing Policy Toolkit (PDF), Resident Engagement Training in a Box, and other resources are available on their website.

Green Affordable Housing Coalition – a coalition of San Francisco Bay Area public-sector and private-sector professionals committed to incorporating green building practices into the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of affordable housing.